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Some of our customers know exactly what they want - which is great! If you don't, our Customer Service Representatives specialize in guiding you through the creative design process. We understand that the right design is crucial, and our team is committed to ensuring your vision is translated into a practical and effective solution.

The team of talented designers at American Foam Corporation has decades of hands-on experience creating foam packaging. With artistic, mechanical and graphic design backgrounds, we have the skills to develop solutions for unusual packing needs. We specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing inserts for boxes, cases and displays and take pride in engineering packaging that protects shipped items.

Working from physical items, sketches and drawings we develop customized foam solutions. Our design staff can also produce hand-made samples and prototypes. This allows you to test your items in a complete package to ensure the fit, look and suitability of the design.


Once we've collaborated on the perfect design, we provide transparent pricing and delivery estimates for your consideration. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we value your final approval before moving forward to the next phase.


With your approval in place, our skilled team goes to work, meticulously crafting and manufacturing your order to the highest standards. Our modern facilities ensure precision and quality in every product we create.

American Foam Corporation converts foams of all types to produce decorative and protective packaging inserts for boxes, cases, trays, and a variety of displays. Our manufacturing processes include die cutting with/ low-cost steel-rule dies as well as pressure, compression, contour, profile, and saw cutting. Additional processes include: flocking, skiving, slitting, laminating, gluing, bonding, stripping, and plugging of inserts.

American Foam Corporation specializes in foam inserts laminated with our luxurious Sim-U-Vel. This creates a plush appearance and feel to beautify, display and protect items of all shapes, sizes and weights. Additional materials, including paper, chipboard, plastic and styrene can be combined with foam to create the proper protection for items from light and delicate to heavy and durable. The capabilities of American Foam Corporation enable us to supply and service a wide range of industries and product requirements.

Time Frame

We understand the importance of timelines. Most projects are completed within two to three weeks, allowing you to receive your custom foam solution promptly. Our efficient manufacturing process ensures that you get the products you need when you need them, without compromising on quality.

Making Foam Since 1965

Since 1965, American Foam Corporation has been converting and fabricating foam materials for commercial and industrial applications. Just outside of Providence RI, we are conveniently close to major highways, rail service, airports, and port facilities.

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